Secrets of the Best Coffee Growing Regions

coffee growersIt may seem obvious, but it is almost impossible to cultivate coffee in the polar regions. No, coffee is cultivated within the landmass between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn.  Out of the two most recognized species of coffee beans, Arabica is grown in the Latin American countries, in East and Central Africa and in Asian countries like India and Indonesia.  Robusta which accounts for a quarter of the earth’s total coffee production, is grown in Central and West Africa, in South East Asian region and in Brazil.  At present, coffee is cultivated in more than 80 countries around the globe. It is normally grown in the mountainous or hilly areas in these countries, as it grows well in high altitudes where the soil is very rich.  Anywhere between 60 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit is the right temperature for coffee production.  Arabica does not grow in hotter regions and requires less rainfall than Robusta does.

Brazil, Vietnam, Colombia, Indonesia, Ethiopia, India, Honduras, Mexico, Uganda and Guatemala were the top ten coffee-producing nations in the year 2014.  On the top-ten list, Uganda was not there and Peru was ahead of Mexico and Guatemala before five years.  As it seems, Uganda has done really well in coffee cultivation in the last few years to find a place among world’s leading producers of coffee.  However, Peru remained at ninth position in the list of largest coffee-exporting nations whereas Uganda was not among the top ten exporters of coffee in 2014.

The patterns of production and consumption of coffee may not be identical. There are places where coffee is popular but not produced and there are also places where it is the other way round. The regions where coffee consumption is higher, coffee export is limited.  At the same time, there are countries where coffee is cultivated in large scale, but for not being the most popular beverage, it is mostly exported.  In India, for instance, coffee grown in the southern part of the country is unique in its flavor, as it is grown along with other spices in this region.  However, tea is the preferred beverage among locals, which is why 80% of coffee produced in this country is exported.  Apart from the taste of the natives, the volume of production is also crucial for deciding how much to export.

Brazil has been the leading coffee producing nation for more than a century.  It is the world’s leading producer of both Arabica and Robusta beans.  It is not only the highest producer but also the largest exporter of coffee in the world.  The three states in the south-east of Brazil — Sao Paulo, Parana and Minas Gerais — have the perfect conditions for growing coffee.  Brazil has also the distinction of using the “Dry method” of washing, in which the coffee beans are dried in the sun instead of being washed.  Most other nations use a Wet method.  Ever wondered why the leading producer of coffee, Brazil, is also the home of so many of the world’s most gorgeous super models?   You got it right. There is a connection between beauty and weight loss and coffee consumption.  If not consumed in excess, coffee can be at par with a health drink.

The best coffee producing region so far as taste is concerned is debatable. However, if Kenneth Davids, the renowned coffee taster and the site-owner of, is to be trusted, then it is Colombia which has been able to produce the tastiest coffee consistently over the years.

Want to know the best way to enjoy your Colombian coffee?  Try grinding your coffee beans by hand, then brewing them with a French Press.  Amazing!

Creating Your Own Latte Art

Art in a Cup!

Ever wonder how to get those cool cream designs of hearts in your coffee?  First you have to learn how to froth your milk.  Don’t get too much air in your milk. Check the temperature and you’re good to go!

Do You Enjoy Your Coffee in Solitude or Socially?

I love my morning coffee.  It’s what gets me going in the morning.  That usually happens at home, with only my cat for company.  Sometimes however, I treat myself to public coffee.  A totally different experience!  Great coffee either way, but on occasion it’s nice to share my pleasures with people not like me, but who also love coffee!

Coffee with a Unique Twist

Ever heard of Macchiato?  Me neither.  Makes me want to start a new habit!  How could I go far wrong with coffee that looks this good?

Does Coffee or Tea Go Better with Welsh Cuisine?

I dropped into another world in Bangor, Wales.  Love the atmosphere, the scenery and the people.  Just don’t ask me to choose the roasted coffee over the imported tea.

What are Your Top 10 Simple Pleasures?

My top simple pleasures include friendship (not always simple), hearing the words “I love you,” chocolate, my morning cup of coffee, and sharing a nice glass of wine and conversation with a friend.  Your may be a little different, but I’ll bet you feel good like I do, just thinking about them.

Coffee as Religion?

I love my rituals.  I also love my coffee.  I’m not a morning person, but making that first great cup of coffee each morning gives me the best chance possible of having a good day.